Financial Institutions
SERVICE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. provides top-notch electronic & physical security solutions for financial institutions. We also provide sales & service of remote transaction systems/drive-up equipment, great customer support, & very competitive pricing!


  • Alarm Systems: Burglar, Hold-Up, Fire
  • Alarm Monitoring: Fire, Burglar, Medical & Other Emergencies
  • Surveillance: High Definition Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Records, Digital Cameras, IP Cameras
  • Remote Banking: Deal Drawer, Pneumatic Drive-Up, Sound Systems
  • Physical Security: Vaults, Vault Door, Safes, Night Depositories, Lockers, Teller Pedestals
  • Access Control Systems: Proximity, Biometrics, Photo Badging
  • Combination Locks: Featuring the Kaba Mas Auditcon Lock with audit trail
  • Bank signage: Drive-ups, ATMs & Clearance Height


At SERVICE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES, our company mission is to provide the highest-quality, most user-friendly product solutions & expert service to prevent problems; & when there are problems, to "fix them right the first time".
  • We work with you to prevent problems before they occur
  • Experts at half the cost of a national competitor
  • Service & support equipment made by almost all electronic security & bank equipment manufacturers including DMP, OpenEye, Fortis, Lefebure, Mosler, Diebold, Hamilton Safe, Hamilton Air, American Vault, Comco, SSE/Skilcraft, Collier & more.
  • An extensive inventory of parts, assemblies & drive-up equipment
  • Don't let another vendor tell you something can't be fixed-call us first!


SERVICE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES, working with you, your operations & IT staff or coordinating with your contractor, we pay attention to what you need & want & cover the details to be sure your security is second to none
  • We have the experience to be your one-stop for your project from start to finish, from new builds or relocations to existing location upgrades
  • We are your consultant in the selection of products that fit your requirements and that work best in your unique environment
  • We respect project timelines and deadlines
  • We know that "business must go on" so your installation is skillfully planned to interrupt your business day as little as possible


At SERVICE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES, our experts have direct in-house experience providing electronic & physical security in financial institutions. We know your working environment and the specific requirements & challenges of financial institutions.
  • Highly skilled & experienced technicians with industry-specific training for financial institution design, sales, installation & service
  • Able to solve problems that other vendors can't solve
  • Our experience doesn't leave us resting on our laurels. Our managers and technicians regularly attend training to advance and hone our skills as well as keeping up with the latest in security concerns and solutions
  • We offer very competitive service and inspection agreements
  • With dealership status for DMP, OpenEye, Fortis and more, we have carefully chosen our products for quality, cutting-edge technology and value based on our personal experience with what works best for financial institutions
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SERVICE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES is fully insured, and is licensed as a Private Alarm Contractor Agency by the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation
License # 127-001243, WI D.O.C. License No:1120177

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We're the right security company for you.

From one of our bank customers:

My biggest concern was how good of a picture from the video surveillance I would get if I needed one in a crisis. You gave me numbers of customers to contact so we could go see the equipment that your company had already installed and that gave me a great comfort level. Someone can tell you the quality will be there but until you see it there are doubts. 

Your company took care of everything with the IT personnel of our bank and that was seamless. There was very little interruption of daily business when the surveillance installation was going on. I find your Open-Eye video surveillance system very reliable and easy to use.