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Let Service Security Technologies, Williams Bay's residential security system experts, customize a home security system just for you. We'll take the worry out of choosing a residential security system as well as the worry out of choosing a home security system provider. We make it easy. We make it affordable. We guarantee it. Take a look at how we compare to other residential security system providers for the Williams Bay area. The facts below, along with our Rock-Solid Guarantee make your choice easy:

Service Security Technologies, Inc. We're the right security company for you.
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Compare Service Security Technologies Competitor #1 Competitor #2
Upfront System Cost $399.00 $499-749 "Free"
Wireless? Yes Yes No
Installation Fee Included $399 $199
Monthly Burglary Monitoring $29.99/ 36 months ($1,079.64) $44.99/ 36 months ($1,619.64) $42.99/ 42 months ($1,805.58)
Monthly Fire Monitoring Included $3-13 additional per month No. Website doesn't disclose additional cost
Landline Needed? No No Yes
Activation Fee No $25 Website states there is an activation fee, doesn't say how much
Cellular Connection Yes Yes additional monitoring charge per month plus must purchase extra equipment
Optional Interactive Text Messages and Alerts Equipment included, no app required Yes. App required Not available on free system
Optional Text Alert Monthly Fee $10.00 /36 months
No activation
$23/36 months
Additional "activation fee"
No. Not available on "free system"
Local Customer Service Yes No No
Own or Lease? Own Lease if system under $600 Website doesn't say
Moving Policy Your system is portable. Contract continues at new residence. No extra contract commitment. Must be 2 years into contract to qualify. $199 plus new 36-month contract, new system and must give name and phone number of new owner to company Website doesn't say
Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac Compatible? Yes Yes No
Warranty Installation/ Bumper-to Bumper: 1 year Equipment-3 years 6 months Website doesn't say
Rock-solid Guarantee Yes No Website doesn't say
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SERVICE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES is fully insured, and is licensed as a Private Alarm Contractor Agency by the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, License # 127-001243, WI D.O.C. License No:1120177